30 GRAMS

    LIVE RESIN® Daily

    dose servings
    100 mg. 300
    250 mg. 120
    500 mg. 60
    750 mg. 40
    1 gram 30

    250-500 mg is the most common effective dose

    • High efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 30 grams
    • All high-end Shilajit+Mumie+Unique Benefits


    • 15-20% resin economy
    • Delivers proper dose
    • Self dissolves
    • Makes pills for immediate consumption
    • 80-90% prep time economy
    • Neutralizes smell and taste
    • Reusable for a lifetime with more economical 30g. jar
    • Unique to Pürblack, 2 pending patents
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  • Pürblack X7
    210 GRAMS

    Pürblack X7

    dose servings
    100mg. 2100
    250mg. 840
    500mg. 420
    750mg. 280
    1 gram 210

    • High Efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 210 grams
    • Over one year supply (at 0.5 g per day)

    Pürblack X7 is recommended for long-term users of Pürblack Live Resin. Savings are about 20% vs. the regular 30 g. Jar. This large jar is for repeat buyers, families, manufacturers of chocolate and home-made remedies.

    Environmental Statement: Pürblack is committed to improving the environment. Pürblack X7 comes in a jar, which is reusable for a lifetime. By purchasing the large jar, you remove 7 small jars with packaging from the environment. Please, help up improve the planet. Pürblack will donate 10% of income from the Pürblack to the following organizations: Greenpeace, Oceana Foundation, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Dunagiri Foundation, or a Charity of Your choice (please, write to us after the order about the charity you want us to support).

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