Testosterone And Male Sexual Health

As men age, their testosterone levels decline. Studies indicate that testosterone levels in healthy men also fall progressively with age. By the age of thirty most men level of testosterone will start to decrease yearly at 1-2%. It does not mean that at the age of 60 men will suffer from testosterone deficiency but that testosterone is not at the same levels of when he was 30 years of age. However, it is possible that with a reduction of testosterone men are likely to be afflicted with side effects of low testosterone. A common side effect is a reduction in libido which in turn can reduce self-confidence and reduce the desire for romantic intimacy.


Shilajit improves testosterone levels: testosterone is not the only cause of a man’s sexual drive and performance. However, low testosterone can reduce your ability in having satisfying sexual performance. Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction are sexual problems that can result in low testosterone. Testosterone reduction due to age can cause less interest in sex or the ability to perform as well. Not being able to perform sexually can cause depression and lower self-confidence. Research has found that Shilajit is very effective in improving Testosterone levels. In a clinical study, shilajit consumption led to an increase of 23.5%.