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Pürblack Live Resin ® Daily 30g Jar
Purblack Europe

Pürblack Live Resin ® Daily 30g Jar

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  • Pürblack Live Resin® with Pürscale™
  • High efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 30g
  • All high-end Shilajit+Mumie+Unique Benefits 
  • 15-20% resin economy
  • Delivers proper dose consistently
  • Self dissolves in liquids
  • Makes pills for immediate consumption
  • 80-90% prep time economy
  • Neutralizes smell and taste
  • Reusable for a lifetime with more economical $89 jar
  • Unique to Pürblack, 2 pending patents

    Pürblack Live Resin® with Pürscale™ is a combination of our 30 grams jar with the Pürscale™ device. Patent-pending Pürscale™ makes taking the resin very convenient. It also ensures that you ingest a perfect dose, without loss of time and resin. Dissolving the resin properly will deliver the highest bioavailability and improved taste.

    The device saves $14-$18 of resin per jar, as well as 5-7 hours of active dissolution time. You will always be able to measure your dose precisely and get a sufficient amount of resin without guesswork, hence getting the most efficacy out of our Live Resin. If you are always on the run, Pürscale makes a pill available for immediate swallowing.

    Pürblack Live Resin is UNIQUE among all traditionally manufactured Shilajit and Mumie. It is a genuine and elite, 3rd Generation Resin. Pürblack uses the latest technology in Shilajit, US Patent Application Publication No.: US 2013/0280291A1. Pürblack, after purified, is closer to the resin's state in nature, as well as cleaner and safer than any traditionally manufactured Resin. Our resin combines all benefits of top Shilajit - Mumie Resins and delivers multiple health advantages not previously demonstrated by any high - quality Shilajit or Mumie.


      This 30 grams jar lasts:

      Dosage  Servings
      100 mg.  300
      250 mg. 120 most common dose
      500 mg. 60 most common high performace dose
      750 mg. 40
      1 gram  30


      Fair refund 90-day guarantee.

      Pürblack will refund 100% of your purchase in the product did not work for you. We are fair to our customers and expect our customers being fair to us. In order to take advantage of our 90 day guarantee you will need to take Pürblack Live Resin on a daily basis as required and document taking it with date stamped photos, with meta-data intact and short journal entries describing change in how you feel from taking Pürblack Live Resin. If you did not experience any improvements, we'll refund your purchase.