1. What is shilajit? Shilajit is known to ancient cultures as a rejuvenator of natural origins. In Ayurveda and Eastern European holistic medicine, shilajit is considered a supreme health substance. Prominent physicians of antiquity all revered and used shilajit. Among them are Avicena, Charaka Samhita, and Paracelcius. It is formed from hundreds of naturally refermenting medicinal plants. Nobody knows exactly how many plants as the process is natural. This metabolising matter undergoes a continuous process of humification. Shilajit is formed at very specific atmospheric conditions. Usually, it takes place at higher altitudes in the mountains, with temperatures changing from -40 to +40 Celcius, a certain degree of yearly precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and absolute must high levels of solar irradiation. It also takes a minimum of 40 years for the refermentation process to “ripen” the shilajit. Shilajit is found in rock crevices where it is harvested for further purification and use as a supplement.
  1. What is shilajit used for? Shilajit is best-known for its adaptogenic, regenerative, nootropic (cognition enhancing), antioxidant mimicking, dependencies withdrawal, agent for healthy inflammation response, and immunomodulatory properties.
  • As an adaptogen, it helps boost energy levels. It helps the body access more energy from food to use for repair and regeneration. Shilajit helps promote better nutrient absorption too.
  • As a regenerative substance, it is used to rapidly regenerate healthy bone, cartlidge, tendon and muscle, and other tissue in the body.
  • As a nootropic shilajit is used to enhance cognitive function, promote tranquility, and as an aid for meditative states.
  • As a rejuvenation / antioxidant agent, it is used to promote longevity and protect the body actively from free radicals.
  • As a dependencies withdrawal agent, shilajit is used to support healthy choices, steer away from sugars, alcohol, etc.
  • As an agent for healthy inflammation response, shilajit is used by athletes and ordinary people to support the body’s natural ability to resist inflammation.
  • As an immunomodulator, it enhances the body’s healthy response to immune challenges.
  1. What is shilajit made of? Shilajit is incredibly complex chemically. It contains almost all the elements from the periodic table and is very similar to the balance of elements in a healthy human body. The majority of elements contained in shilajit are beneficial to the human body. Shilajit contains naturally occurring: rare earth metals, amino acids, vitamins, dybenzo- a-pyrones, ashless humic acids, fulvic acids, lipids, plant hormones, gallic, kojic, and benzoic acids, alcaloids, caratenoids, chlorophyll. There are innumerable organic molecules in shilajit which are not fully studies yet. Unique content of shilajit makes it a true miracle superfood of nature. Shilajit is a phytocomplex made up of three major components: humus, fulvic acid, and 80+ minerals.
  2. What is real shilajit supposed to be like? When supplementing with shilajit, it is essential to know how to distinguish authentic shilajit from fake shilajit. Authentic and potent shilajit can only exist in resin form. Liquids, powders, tablets, and capsules are usually fake or substandard shilajit products. Tests for the authenticity of shilajit are highly sophisticated. Very few companies or labs have the capability to do extensive laboratory analysis of shilajit for authenticity and quality.Nevertheless, there are a few simple things one can do to test shilajit at home. Genuine shilajit is always a resin, highly sensitive to heat and cold. If you keep it in a warm or hot place it will soften, if you keep it in a freezer it will harden.
  3. Where is shilajit made? Shilajit cannot be made! Raw material is only naturally sourced from specific geographic locations. The right kinds of plants and microorganisms thrive there and their refermentation, humification, and metabolization are subjected to unique environmental conditions. The combination of these factors causes the formation of shilajit. Shilajit may be found anywhere but most of what is commercially sold is sourced around the Himalayas, Caucasus, Russia, and other parts of Asia and Europe. Once the proper raw material is collected it is processed into the resin, known as shilajit resin. Pürblack Live Resin Shilajit is never sourced from a single location. Its sourcing methods are hybrid and based on a scientific process. Only raw materials that meet a specific set of criteria are collected and manufactured into Pürblack. While authentic shilajit is foraged, it should never be ingested without undergoing a process of purification first.
  4. Can shilajit be used as medicine? As per FDA law, no company can claim that shilajit is medicine. We can not make medicine/drug claims, even if they were true. True shilajit can certainly be used to greatly improve health. Shilajit was always revered in many traditional forms of medicine, that includes European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic traditional health systems. While research studies that support its use for medicinal purposes are available, a consensus for such use has yet to be reached from within the medical community. Shilajit is best used as an adaptogen that helps improve overall health and well-being. It may improve nutritional intake and boost energy levels. However, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  5. Is shilajit safe for children? Children may supplement with shilajit. Add Pürblack to their breakfast. Limit daily intake between 25mg to 50mg, which would be about the size of a rice grain, once or twice per day. The best time to take it is in the morning, on an empty stomach dissolved in water. However. children may not like the natural taste of shilajit so it is best added to a glass of milk or chocolate drink.
  6. Is shilajit safe for animals? Yes, even animals may benefit from adding Pürblack shilajit in their diet. For animals weighing up to 50lbs., 50 to 250 mg of shilajit should suffice. For larger animals, add 500mg more of shilajit for every additional 100lbs. The best time to give your furry friends a nutrient boost with shilajit is first thing in the morning.
  7. Is shilajit dangerous during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a delicate situation. Every pregnant mother will have unique nutritional needs and health conditions. Adding shilajit to the diet is best evaluated by a physician prior to supplementation.
  8. Can I drink shilajit every day? Pürblack shilajit is made for daily intake but taken in cycles. There are several ways to cycle: Supplement for 6 days and stop for a day.Complete a jar, wait for 7-10 days, and get back to a new jar.The recommended adult dose is 250mg to 500mg, taken once or twice daily. It is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach diluted in water. Add it to your favorite morning drink. Taste of shilajit in coffee is completely concealed. If you consume shilajit in a tea, depending on the amount of the resin it starts tasting somewhat earthy.
  9. Are there any side effects of shilajit? By itself, supplementing with shilajit should not cause any side effects, if shilajit is genuine and from a reputable source. However, there are at least three reasons why side effects may occur:
  • Due to impurities. Raw shilajit mixes with microorganisms, heavy metals, sand, and other impurities. If it is not properly purified, it is unsafe for human consumption.
  • Fake shilajit spiked with different compounds to make it appear authentic. Tablets, pills, powders and liquids as a rule contain cheap excipients. These dangerous additives are usually soil or rocks extracted or simply pulverized. It is better to reject any questionable shilajit no matter how cheap it is, or how convincing and attractive the marketing is.
  1. Does shilajit contain gluten? Shilajit does not contain gluten. The medicinal plants involved in the formation of shilajit are not exactly grains. Foods that often contain gluten are starchy carbohydrate-rich sources. Shilajit does not contain any starch or carbohydrates and contains little to no calories based on various laboratory tests. Most starchy foods and carbohydrate sources are high in calories.
  2. Does shilajit contain animal products? Shilajit does not contain animal products. The resin is made of refermented medicinal plants metabolites. Animals are known to consume the resin, and records say that monkeys and mountain goats were first observed eating the resin before humans started using it. Animals regularly consuming shilajit were more active, and stronger, they say. The fascination of locals led to them trying the resin discovering its wonderful benefits for themselves. Does Pürblack contain synthetic or artificial ingredients?
  3. Does Pürblack contain synthetic or artificial ingredients? Pürblack does not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients. Pürblack is committed to bringing the highest quality shilajit resin to the market, the way nature made it and the closest to its state in nature. Our shilajit does contain pure 99.99% gold in a bioavailable form and a purest form of shilajit resin. Our patented purification technology, defined in US10130656B2 and 20190336527, allows us to preserve the resin’s many benefits, maintaining its natural form, and safe to be used regularly by everyone.
  4. Does Pürblack shilajit contain additives and fillers? Pürblack Shilajit does not contain any fillers. Adaptive Energy LLC is committed to innovation and will continue to improve the resin. The current generation shilajit Live Resin contains novel technologies from our sister company, Coated Silver. Our 4th generation Live Resin contains coated silver and gold for added benefits to immunity, joint support, and mental acuity and balance.
  5. How to store shilajit (including after opening)? Pürblack shilajit is packaged in a Miron glass jar. It protects the contents from environmental forces, including sunlight and sharp changes in temperature. There are no special storage instructions. You may safely leave it in room temperature on a flat surface. It is important to keep the rims of the jar clean from shilajit, as the lid may tightly stick to the glass. If your resin became too hard, it is due to moisture escaping from it. All you need to do is add about ½ tsp. of water to your resin and leave it overnight. If the resin is still too hard just keep adding pure in 1/2 -1 tsp. increments.
  6. What is the shelf life of shilajit? Why does Pürblack have an expiration date if the resin does not expire? Shilajit will not expire, and when stored properly, the resin has an unlimited shelf life. Each jar has a legal expiration date in compliance with American FDA regulations. Pürblack ships to most countries. If DHL or Fedex can send parcels to your country, and there are no restrictions for parcels from the US, we can ship Pürblack shilajit to you. We also have regional distributors in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and South America. You can get jars directly from them using our country selector page. It is always better to purchase your jar from an authorized distributor, as customs and transport companies are often unpredictable.
  7. Is there shipping to other countries? Pürblack ships to most countries. If DHL or Fedex can send parcels to your country, and there are no restrictions for parcels from the US, we can ship Pürblack shilajit to you. We also have regional distributors in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and South America. You can get jars directly from them using our country selector page. It is always better to purchase your jar from an authorized distributor, as customs and transport companies are often unpredictable.
  8. How long does it take for shilajit to work? Shilajit users often experience benefits as early as the first dose. One hour from taking it in without food, you can experience the many benefits shilajit is known for. Do not worry if you did not experience any benefit immediately like we mentioned Some customers experience the benefits a few days after or even a week later. Adjusting the dose often helps in this situation. Two factors are important when taking quality shilajit. Proper dose and consistency. As far as the dose, for most people 250 to 500 mg per day is an ideal dose. Use our Pürscale device to dose and dispense correctly. As far as being consistent take the resin daily.
  9. How long can we take shilajit? You may take shilajit for as long as you want to obtain the health and wellness benefits ascribed to it. Just remember to dose correctly and to take your shilajit in cycles.
  10. How to take shilajit? Use the Pürscale to scoop a small amount of resin from the jar. Dip the Pürscale to the desired dose level and scoop up. Use the scale to dissolve the resin in a glass of pure water. Drink the solution of dissolved shilajit. You can also dissolve the resin in your favorite beverage. Coffee, tea, and even milk go well with the resin. You can watch a purscale video in order to see how to dose shilajit properly.
  11. What is the difference between Pürblack and Pürblack from Cymbiotika? Pürblack Live Resin contains our 4th generation resin shilajit containing up to 100PPM of true gold. It is available in two sizes: 30-gram jar and 210-gram jar. Cymbiotika’s Pürblack Live resin is a 4th generation resin that contains up to 333 PPM of True Gold. It is available only in 15-gram jars. True gold (coated gold) is provided by our sister brand Coated Silver.