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Purblack Shilajit 30g
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Shilajit Live Resin by Pürblack | True Gold & Silver Shilajit - (30g Jar with Pürscale)

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  • High efficacy Pürblack Live Resin 
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  • American technology. Manufacturing fully controlled by the US company. 

Pürblack Live Resin is UNIQUE among all traditionally manufactured Shilajit and Mumie. It is a genuine and elite, 4rd Generation Resin. Pürblack uses the latest technology in Shilajit, US Patent Application Publication No.: US 2013/0280291A1.  Pürblack after purified is closer to the resin's state in nature, as well as cleaner and safer than any traditionally manufactured Resin. Our resin combines all benefits of top Shilajit - Mumie Resins and delivers multiple health advantages not previously demonstrated by any high - quality Shilajit or Mumie.

This 30 grams jar lasts:

Dosage  Servings
100 mg.  300
250 mg. 120 most common dose
500 mg. 60 most common high performance dose
750 mg. 40
1 gram  30

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good quality shilajit & reliable vendor.

Purblack Europe are the official European reseller of Purblack Shilajit resin, as verified by the Purblack website. If you are in the UK or Europe and are looking to get your hands on some genuine Purblack shilajit, then look no further.

They have good customer support, are responsive to questions, and were able to provide a certificate of analysis (COA) for their Shilajit upon request.

Once I placed the order, the shipping was very fast (24 hours) though perhaps a bit on the pricey side as it was with one of the more premium couriers.

As for the product - it is a black tarry sticky resin, which has that characteristic shilajit smell and taste. There is no question that this is genuine shilajit.

As this is only my second day of taking the the product, I'm still getting a feel for the effects and ideal dosage. It seems to boost energy but at the expense some anxiety - subjectively it feels like it increases norepenephrine, acetylcholine and possibly cortisol. I recommend starting low and slowly titrating up until you find your sweet-spot.

Overall reliable vendor and good quality product, however, still waiting to determine if it is worth the full retail price as it's a little on the expensive side for a supplement.


Great product gives energy before a workout

Purblack Shilajit

Purblack Shilajit is a natural resin harvested from the mountains of the Himalayas that contains over 85 minerals and trace elements essential for our health and well-being. Its potency and purity, achieved through a proprietary purification process, sets it apart from other shilajit products on the market.

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